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The corner of Mount Street and Montague Row, Digby, NS
Po Box 35, Digby, NS, Canada B0V 1A0 902-245-2113

Pastor  Rev. Jeff White / Study: (902) 245-2113  Mobile: (902) 250-0077 Email:
Pastor Jeff is usually off on Friday and/or Saturday.

Pastor Emeritus  Rev. Donald Robertson

Church Secretary  Shelley Lewis / Church Office: (902) 245-2113
Shelley is usually in on Friday mornings.

Board of Deacons – Chair   Dr. Sara Wilkinson (902) 245-1049

Board of Trustees – Vice Chair  Mary Ann Urcuioli

Sunday School Superintendent  Lic. Sharon White (902) 250-0089

Choir Director & Organist  Cairine Robertson

Musical Assistant  Margo Nesbitt