Wisdom from God

(1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

Jan 29, 2017 – UBC Digby – J G White       

‘Where is the one who is wise?’ Paul asked, in his letter.  Maybe you have sometimes asked the same.  
Fifth Sunday of a month… do something different.
Interviews with preachers.
Seemed wisest not to try and interview three people in one sermon.
So, today, you sort-of get to interview me instead.  A personal sermon about Wisdom.  Where does it come from, how do we find it and acquire it from God?  For it is from God, yet comes across in many ways. Choose your own adventure:

Wisdom from God through Books.

Wisdom from God through People.

Wisdom from God through Experience.

Wisdom from God thru inspiring Books.
Book by a Southern Baptist philosophy professor?
Book by a German pastor who was executed in WWII concentration camp?
Book abt plants by two Nova Scotian botanists?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “Life Together,” 1954.
Well-know martyr of the 20th century.
German pastor, seminary professor, author.  
“The Cost of Discipleship.”
“Letters and Papers from Prison.”
“Life Together”  Chapter 5: Confession and Communion – most compelling for me.  I go back to it again and again.
Have never acted on it – made it happen in my ministry!  
The development of fellowship that is so personal and reliant upon Christ for confession and forgiveness.  
Quote pp. 110, 111.

Wisdom from God thru influential People.
John or Ruth or Garnet?
John – Industrial Arts Teacher, 1980s.
Teacher in Jr. High School
Leader of Christian Service Brigade
Director of youth Handbell Choir
Father of a best friend in High School
Tremendous sense of fun, humour.
Devoted ministry time to young people.  Weekly work, preparation, and trips.
Ministry with youth: “Has to be fun; has to be Christ-centred.”
Challenges me still to consider how to invest my time in other people; how to empower others to do the same.

Wisdom from God thru personal Experience.
Not being allowed to be ordained a pastor?
Not sticking with people who needed support?
Not knowing who to believe when one person accused another of saying upsetting things?
Ordination Council rejection, 1997.
Pastor under 1 year supervision.
Recommendation/request by Church.
Statement of Faith.
Ordination Council.
Deferred for one year; new mentor.
Reasons?   Church & Kingdom of God.
The nature of Evil. ???
Lack of confidence.
Wisdom: to be confident in myself. Be myself.
Let bureaucracies be as they may.  Don’t fret.
Wisdom comes to us from God for this life.  Comes to us in so many ways.  Thanks be to God!   1 Corinthians 1:26-31

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